Saturday, March 20, 2010

My neighbor is polluting my house!

My neighbor, bless their heart, is polluting my house and it pisses me off. They have a newborn, so instead of smoking inside (which they did during entire pregnancy), they are now smoking outside.

Good for them!

Except they smoke like a chimney. They smoke so much that they are filling my house up with it! We have our doors and windows open to enjoy our spring weather and really clean out the indoor pollutants that have built up over the winter.

While I open up during the winter, I can't air my home out as well as I would like because it's just too cold.

I first turned on my local jazz station really loud and they used to go inside. But, I don't think it's working as well. Slamming the door to my deck was effective a few times. I don't want to be an ass, but have considered going outside and yelling "if you are going to kill yourself, that's fine, but kill me in the process".

Now, before people get their panties in a wad, I am an ex-smoker. So I can complain. I quit cold 11 years ago and if I can, anyone can.

What would you do?


Anonymous said...

get a small unobtrusive air purifier/allergen remover and keep it by the window closest to the primary smoke entry point.

Caitlin Dacey said...


Dent Vu said...

Nevertheless, most of such cleaners cannot be called very ecological, and to certain degree they pollute our house environment with various chemicals making our homes less safe abodes than most of us would desire.

Dent said...

I am really feeling sorry for your situation. You need to think of it more and try to find a solution about it. You may use an Air-Purifier which will surely help.

Taking it one green step at a time.